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Fucare Gemini X Electric Moped-Style Bike

30Ah Dual-Battery, Commute

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Fucare Scorpio Fat Tire Off-Road Electric Bike

Full Suspension, All-Rounder

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Fucare Gemini Pearly White Step Through Electric Cargo Bike
Fucare Gemini Nebula Purple  Step Through Electric Cargo Bike
Fucare Gemini Step-Thru Electric Cargo Bike

30Ah Dual-Battery, Commute

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What are Electric Cargo Bikes?

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Electric cargo bikes are designed specifically for carrying goods and passengers. Riders appreciate their versatility in transporting cargo or accommodating an adult passenger.

These ebikes are powerful and practical, aiding in daily life and reducing car usage. They are also commonly used for delivering food, parcels, and other items.

Carrying Passengers

CConsidering an electric cargo bike for transporting kids, teenagers, or adults? The Fucare Libra is tailor-made for such needs. It features a versatile passenger saddle suitable for both small and larger riders. For added passenger comfort and safety, it can be fitted with foot pegs and a support bar.

The Fucare Libra ebike boasts a powerful 750W rear hub motor, offering a range of over 45 miles per charge, and can support a payload of up to 400 lbs. Its design includes a step-through frame, enhancing accessibility for getting on and off the bike, while also aiding in balancing the additional weight of passengers.

With 20-inch wheels and 4-inch wide fat tires, the Libra ensures stability, particularly on hilly terrains or uneven paths. Experience a superior ride with its full suspension system. The front suspension responds smoothly to various ground conditions, while the rear shocks add to the bike’s overall comfort and handling, creating a perfect harmony for an enjoyable ride.

Carrying Gears

Having an e-bike with enhanced carrying capabilities means it can more profoundly integrate into your daily life. Such a bike not only allows you to enjoy riding but also easily handles carrying large or heavy items, potentially replacing the use of cars or public transport.

In this area, the Fucare Gemini moped-style e-bike stands out for its innovation. It offers various accessory combinations, allowing you to customize your riding experience for cargo, comfort, and style. Our Storage and Transport accessory category includes products that can be easily mounted on the bike to carry cargo, including baskets, bags, and similar items.

Like standard bicycles or other e-bikes, the Fucare Gemini cargo model also features a 7-speed gear system. This feature allows the rider to adjust their pedaling pace according to the needs of the route and the intensity of the pedal assist, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride whether carrying light or heavy loads.

Maintenance Tips for Electric Cargo Bikes

Regularly charge the battery and try to avoid draining it completely.

When the bike is not in use for lengthy periods, maintain the battery at a semi-charged state.

Regular check-ups and cleanings are vital for maintaining the electric cargo bike's functionality.

Regularly examine the tires, braking system, and gears for signs of wear.

Ensure that all fastenings and connections are tightened and secure.

Routinely clean the cargo space to remove any debris or materials that might affect the bike's balance and stability.

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