Buying Guides   / Mar 5, 2024
Mechanical Disc Brakes Vs Hydraulic Disc Brakes For Ebikes Banner
Buying Guides

Mechanical Disc Brakes Vs Hydraulic Disc Brakes For Ebikes: Which Wins?

Embarking on the journey of acquiring an e-bike introduces a plethora of aspects to deliberate upon. As the wave of e-bike adoption swells, a pivotal facet that demands attention from both novices ...
Electric Bike Basics   / Mar 1, 2024
Electric Bike Classes Comparison BANNER
Electric Bike Basics

Electric Bike Classes: Class 1 vs 2 vs 3 Comparison

Hey there, e-bike enthusiasts! Hopping into the world of electric bikes can be exciting, but all the new terms and classifications can get a little confusing, right? Don't worry, we've all been the...
Buying Guides   / Feb 28, 2024
Step-Through vs. Step-Over eBikes banner
Buying Guides

Step-Through vs. Step-Over eBikes: Finding Your Perfect Ride

Hey there, e-bike curious friend! Thinking about joining the electric revolution? Awesome! But with all the talk of step-through and step-over frames, the decision can seem a bit overwhelming. Don'...
Buying Guides   / Feb 23, 2024
6  Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes
Buying Guides

6 Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes

Cycling is an extremely valuable activity for your health, and e-bikes use a convenient and enjoyable method to do so. E-bikes are essentially typical bikes with an electrical motor, making them ac...

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