About Fucare

Full care for your riding life


Steve owned his first electric bike in college. That was a passionate and annoying time when he found more and more problems with his new bike. Receiving no supports from the vendor, the guy majored in electrical engineering made his mind to rebuild a treasure for himself. He dedicated to every part of the bike and started to work as a R&D engineer after graduation.

With the ambitious to create an extraordinary experience for the ones who loves riding like him, Steve moved forward to design electric bikes and scooters in 2019. Then Fucare was born.

our thoughts

Since 2005, Steve has poured his youth and energy into the electric bike industry. From accessory design to system development, he was involved.

However, he gradually found that the design of electric bikes on the market lacked sufficient safety consideration, and the combination of thin frames and high-power motors made the rider's ride full of dangers.

In 2019 Steve and his Fucare team made an important decision, to develop a safe, strong and cool electric bike.

After three years of research and development, more than 10,000 miles of actual riding tests, and more than 200,000 vibration tests on the main frame, Fucare patented e-bike design, the Gemini series, finally went on sale in 2022.